Clipping your way into creating a ghost

02/06/2015 08:37

Title of the article looks interesting? Wondering what it means? How can you clip and create a ghost? Well, read on and you will know in no time.


This article is about Photoshop clipping path and how it can be used to create a ghost or invisible manneqion.


invisible mannequinWhen clothing products are photographed for marketing and other publication purposes, they are usually pictured being placed on a mannequin. These mannequins have several different sizes and forms. Some are invisible mannequin dummy where neck area can be kept open for shooting the inner back of the item. Some with flexibility to add or detach various parts of the mannequin to bring out invisible mannequin images right out of the camera.

However, most often these invisible mannequin dummies don’t offer enough flexibility to create an invisible mannequin photography to eliminate the Photoshop need. At the end, Photoshop ghost mannequin editing is needed to create the perfect professional looking image.


invisible mannequin photographyClipping path is a photoshop process that is used to clip the clothing product out of the dress form mannequins. Multiple clipping might be needed based on the product requirement. There are specialized clipping path service providers who can be hired for this job. Same clipping path service providers can also do invisible mannequin editing or retouching for your product photo.


Some clothing companies are small and don't have the studio to shoot the product images. They hire photographers who take the photographs of the product. The business owner then hire another clipping path service provider to get the invisible mannequin photo editing job. Outsourcing can be a cost effective way of getting your invisible mannequin photography pictured and edited.

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