Pursuing career as graphic designer

16/02/2015 22:55

clipping path serviceThe job of graphic designing is one of the most creativity oriented job in the world. It is one of the most challenging too. As a graphic designer one has to work on several different concepts, images, painting, digital art work, logos etc. Despite being an interesting career people often hesitate to take graphic design as a profession, not because of the challenging part but for the lack of knowledge about graphic design. The most common question comes to a person’s mind is “where am I going to get a job as graphic designer”.  So let’s take a look where can you work as graphic designer.

Knowledge required becoming graphic designer

To become a graphic designer you must know work of software like adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, coral draw, Adobe flash etc. There are many more but the most important of them all is the Photoshop.

Advertisement firm

One of the top choices of graphic designers is to work in an advertisement firm. Creativity is the key here. A designer works here on subjects like posters, all kind electronic media, banners etc.

Clipping Path jobs

A designer can also do job in clipping path services firms. This type of firms works on bulk clipping path projects. Clipping path services are mostly offered by developing countried due to cheap labor and skilled workforce.


A graphic designer can also work as a professional photographer or work in a photography firm as a designer. Knowledge of Photoshop is a must here.

Interior designer

This is another job option for a graphic designer. Interior design work involves designing the inside space of houses, offices etc. What kind of design will in furniture, how they would be set inside the house, what kind of lighting and fitting would be used etc. are decided and designed by a designer.

Animation work

Although a bit different from the usual graphic design work, animation work is still a part of graphic design. Knowledge of adobe flash is essential here.


Working as a freelancer graphic designer is a now an attractive option for designers. A designer can set his own firm and work as a graphic designer. But for this purpose he or she must hold a professional degree on graphic design.

End verdict

The job of graphic designer is one of the most demanding jobs in current situation. So pursuing a career as designer would be the best fit if you are up to the challenge.

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