What type of photo editing services you need?

07/07/2015 16:38

If you are in the business where you need to publish product photos online so that your potential buyers can see the product photo before making a purchase decision, there is a very good chance that you may end up needing some photo editing service, out of all the services in the  p hoto editing area, the most common service is the Clipping path (bilder freistellen) service.


Reason is very simple. If you have a good camera and a professional studio, you can take good quality high resolution photos of your product that will not require any retouching. However, no matter how good quality your images are, one thing all pictures will have is the background. To make these photos web worthy, you will need to remove the background. They way the background is removed is by using clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, d√©tourage photo) and isolating the product from the image or from the background.


There are all kinds of  Clipping path / photo cut out services out there. You will find service providers that are charging pennies for clipping images. And you will find photo editing companies charging $20 or even $50 per edit where your offshore outsourcing company is charging less that a dollar.


So why this huge difference?


Reason is not hard to understand either. Photo retouching companies that are based and operated out of developed countries have high operating cost. Employee salary, office cost and all other business expenses make the cost to go high and these developed countries companies will have to charge their clients accordingly.


Where on the other hand, there are some teenagers who are operating out of their parent home in a developing country do not have any business expense. Cost of living in the developing country is also lot lower than that of a developed country. Whatever a teenager from a poor country can get for his job is 100% bonus for him/her.


Quality and services along with communication is whole different ball game by the way. If you elect to get your work done for pennies, it is given that you will have to compromise on the communication, service and delivery time. You just cant expect the same level of communication, service and quality for pennies.

So at the end of the day you will have to decide whether it is the service, quality and communication you need along with timely delivery or it is the low cost that appeals to you most.

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