Why Jewelry photography is so difficult?

30/03/2015 17:02

jewelry photographerJewelry photography is unlike any other photography. When dealing with live models or landscape or other big objects, a photographer have option to shoot them from distance. Sometimes a photographer shots some pictures from very far away, even lime away.

Jewelry photography is not so. In order to take a jewelry photograph, a product photogrpaher needs to get up-close and personal. Since they are all small objects, in some cases really really tiny, a jewelry photographer needs to be very close to take those pictures. Even being close sometimes doesn’t work. Use of special camera and macro lens comes into play.

Cameras that are auto set or standard digital camera are no good in taking jewelry photography. A good SLR camera that has macro setting is a bare minimum. Use of macro lens is also a must in taking these photos. A jewelry photographer quickly realizes that adjusting the lens zoom to being up the jewelry item close doesn’t cut it. The object gets out of focus or doesn’t catch all the details.

 jewelry photography A good jewelry photographer must know how to use the macro lens and macro setting properly, how to adjust to lights, how to pay attention to specific stones and metals to bring out the true color and clarity.

Paying attention to all these details makes this so difficult.

And after taking those difficult shots, the job is not quite over. The images taken then need to be retouched to make the web friendly. Joolo.com is a good place where you can get your jewelry images retouched at competitive cost.

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