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Several ways to retouch a photo

  Digital cameras and digital photography made the job lot easier for the photographers and print media companies. However, they at the same time introduced a new line of job called photo retouching services.


If you look at a magazine or a newspaper or a flyer or a brochure, you will see that there are photos or images on all of them. Reason for adding the images or photos on these print Medias are to represent the product or services that are being promoted. While the pictures shown on these print or online media looks really attractive, that’s not how they came out of the photographer’s camera. Once the pictures are taken, they are then passed to the photo retouching services professionals for image retouching or for photo touch ups.


Since these retouching of photos are time consuming and requires specific photography and graphic designing skills, this itself introduced a whole new line of job market or service industry. Media or advertising companies often have their own image editing or photo retouching services people in-house. But at the same time, some companies who cannot afford to employ their own graphic design team, they outsource their photo retouching jobs to offshore companies.


Idea is very simple. When companies outsource their business process, they expect to get the job done at a lower cost than what it would cost them to do it in-house. That really makes sense also. If you can outsource your photo retouching services to offshore companies at a fraction of the cost, why would you go about hiring dozens or in some cases hundreds or graphic designers paying them 10 times more salary? Not to mention the additional benefits.

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