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Image cut outs fotos freistellen can be outsourced offshore for low cost

Cutting out images in adobe Photoshop cs3 or cs4+ is not as easy as one would think. Some images can be very complex to work with ending up taking quite a bit of time. Due to the nature of the business, one of need such image cut outs in a large quantity. Lot of companies needing these image cutting out jobs find it practical to outsource the image cut out process offshore.

 fotos freistellen It is easy to send the work offshore these days. All you have to do iis to look for a company, try them out with some sample jobs and see how to they pair up against your expectation. Pricing will very based on the complexity of the job but typically longer time it takes to do the job, more costly it will become. Then again, you need to have some basic understanding about the lifestyle of the people of that country of your outsourcing partner to get a feel for the hourly wage an employee can make in that country. If in a developed country like Canada or USA or United kingdom a good Photoshop operator earns around $30 per hour for  adobe Photoshop image cut out jobs  (fotos freistellen),  then in a developing country the wage can expected to be around five to ten dollar an hour.

Yes, the savings can be substantial. In fact the savings on image cut out jobs can be the   main source of profit for some business. Buy low and sell high (arbitrage) has bee the vein of the existence for many companies. Idea of this arbitrage is very simple. If you have many images to process for  photo cutting outs in adobe Photoshop , with a very little margin per image, you can save a whole dollar or two. With thousands and thousands of images to be processed on a monthly basis, the price difference can very well account for a nice chunk of profit.

With the current state of business and consumer world, if all businesses were to hire local workers for every single job, many companies would not even be able to exist. Savings the offshore outsourcing brings allow business to see a profitable view. It’s a win win situation for both the companies involved in this trade. One company is saving money and another company offshore is making foreign currency as their source of income. Since currency exchange rate between these two countries can be large, only a dime profit after cost can end up making the outsourcing partner company a decent profit by the end of the month.

  So there is not reason to think that due to the low price charged by the offshore image cut out outsourcing companies, the job done may not be as high quality as required. Truth is quite the contrary. You will find very high quality image cut out services fotos freistellen done for very low cost.

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Clipping path service as an IT freelancing job

Many people form developing countries look for outsourcing jobs in the area of IT or computer related business process outsourcing. A computer or more precisely, graphics related job that is gaining good popularity among these freelance IT professionals is clipping path service or photo cut outs services.

A vast majority of these freelancers are independent workers working on their own. These photo cut out or image clipping services freelancers look for related jobs online in various online job sites or IT related outsourcing forums. Since these freelancers work on their own and look for jobs in places where small jobs are usually posted, these freelancers will have to look for clipping path service or photo cut outs services jobs on a daily basis.

Jobs these freelancers land are typically very small. With single image editing to a few or a dozen or two image editing at the most. And most of these projects are one time. So once the job at hand is done, they will have to look for another job in the save field. The process is continuous.

While his setup of one job at a time and always having to look for job works to some extent for individual freelancers, organised background removal companies or photo cut outs services companies can't rely on such small one time jobs. Organised companies cater to corporate clients who have large batch of Photoshop clipping path outsourcing or photo cut outs service requirements and work with them on an ongoing basis.

The setup works well for moth the clipping path service company as well as the clients as the client will not have to maintain their own photo editing studio and the   clipping path outsourcing   companies will not have to keep looking for work on a daily basis.


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Clipping path service is a big business in developing countries

Developing countries like Bangladesh has a lot of manpower but what the country doesn’t have is the infrastructure to utilize that manpower. Large number of young educated workforce are finding it difficult to land a job upon completion of their higher education. Since the young educated workforce is computer literate and know how to get online to work in a virtual space, a vast majority of this unemployed educated workforce is turning to the virtual workspace to find a job.

I do not know how it all started or who started it, but over the past decade, a large number of Bangladeshi youth turned to the internet's virtual workspace to find jobs like image background removal, ghost mannequin and other Photoshop related jobs along with various other computer related jobs like programming, web development, software development, etc.

Business process outsourcing is pretty common these days and companies in developed countries are finding it easier to outsource jobs like clipping path service, photo cut outs, programming like java, html, ruby on rails, etc. it make perfect business sense to outsource jobs suck as clipping path service as it costs lot less to outsource compared to doing it in house.

While employers are searching the web on various jobs boards and freelance forums for the ideal clipping path service provider, people on the other side of the world also at the same time looking for employers who are looking for   clipping path outsourcing   partners.

When they both meet and find the right match, an outsourcing partnership is formed and the work goes on. Some job is long term where the employer continues to work with the same clipping path service provider for all the future jobs. If the quality or delivery time is not satisfactory, the employer looks for another clipping path service provider to form a  more suitable outsourcing partnership.

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Photoshop clipping path: do it in-house or outsource?

Working with clipping path or image cut out is a time consuming process. Some photo might take 5, 10, 20 or even 45+ minutes to clip. If we consider the cost of an in-house employee hour, then we can easily figure out how much it cost us to do clipping path or photo cut out in-house.


Different country has different social standards and per capita income. Developed countries like USA and Canada, no skilled Photoshop operator will work for any less than $20 / hour. If you add the cost of the computer workstation, office space, employee benefits, etc, an in-house employee can end up costing the company as much as $50 / hour.


You just ask yourself the question - is it work it to do the clipping path in-house or its better to outsource the work offshore to some professional clipping path outsourcing company?


Most of the companies who are in need to bulk clipping path on a regular basis are already partnered with some offshore outsourcing company. They find it convenient to outsource the job offshore that saves them a bundle at the end of the year. Some small companies or photographers who require occasional clipping path job attempt to do the job in house. Its OK to do the photo cut out or other photo editing in house if the workload is steady and where you have an in-house employee doing other photo editing jobs anyways.


However, when you get an extra job, your in-house Photoshop expert will not be able to keep up with the volume. This is where you will find the need of availing the services of a clipping path outsourcing company.


Its not easy to find a reliable company to work with. You need to think about timely delivery and quality that meets your client expectation. It might take a few try with few different outsourcing companies before  you can find the right clipping path outsourcing partner. However, once you find the right match, you are worry free on on your clipping path future jobs.

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What type of photo editing services you need?

If you are in the business where you need to publish product photos online so that your potential buyers can see the product photo before making a purchase decision, there is a very good chance that you may end up needing some photo editing service, out of all the services in the  p hoto editing area, the most common service is the Clipping path (bilder freistellen) service.


Reason is very simple. If you have a good camera and a professional studio, you can take good quality high resolution photos of your product that will not require any retouching. However, no matter how good quality your images are, one thing all pictures will have is the background. To make these photos web worthy, you will need to remove the background. They way the background is removed is by using clipping path / photo cut out (bilder freistellen, détourage photo) and isolating the product from the image or from the background.


There are all kinds of  Clipping path / photo cut out services out there. You will find service providers that are charging pennies for clipping images. And you will find photo editing companies charging $20 or even $50 per edit where your offshore outsourcing company is charging less that a dollar.


So why this huge difference?


Reason is not hard to understand either. Photo retouching companies that are based and operated out of developed countries have high operating cost. Employee salary, office cost and all other business expenses make the cost to go high and these developed countries companies will have to charge their clients accordingly.


Where on the other hand, there are some teenagers who are operating out of their parent home in a developing country do not have any business expense. Cost of living in the developing country is also lot lower than that of a developed country. Whatever a teenager from a poor country can get for his job is 100% bonus for him/her.


Quality and services along with communication is whole different ball game by the way. If you elect to get your work done for pennies, it is given that you will have to compromise on the communication, service and delivery time. You just cant expect the same level of communication, service and quality for pennies.

So at the end of the day you will have to decide whether it is the service, quality and communication you need along with timely delivery or it is the low cost that appeals to you most.

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Invisible mannequin dummies are becoming too popular among clothing store owners

Looks like the entire apparel industry is into 1 common thing - that is to edit their clothing photos for invisible mannequin effects. It is understandable as well as the   clothing business owners will need to display their clothing on their web shops and the best as well as most cost effective way of presenting their products on their business i sinvisible mannequin photography.

Typically, all businesses were using standard dress form mannequins or standard clothing product mannequins to take the product pictures. Then these pictures would get edited in Photoshop for creating invisible mannequin effects.


To come up with better looking pictures and possibly eliminate the Photoshop editing requirement, industry came up with  i nvisible mannequin dummy. Where it is a cool idea to use this invisible mannequin dummy for shooting product pictures, this however doesn't eliminate the need for photoshopping.


invisible ghost mannequin Certain areas of the clothing item can be made invisible using an invisible mannequin dummy, but some areas can still be visible which do require Photoshop editing. So what's the point of taking pictures on an expensive mannequin and then having to spend additional money editing the pictures?


Some clothing industry photographers use these invisible mannequin dummies to show their clients that they can take invisible mannequin images for clothing items. Basically this is a sales pitch or marketing strategy. This way of photography is however looks very nice and attractive compared to taking pictures on a standard mannequin.


But if you need invisible ghost mannequin photography to display your product on the website, then your best and most cost effective way of doing it would be to take the pictures on the standard mannequin and then Photoshop them for creating the ghost mannequin effect.

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Clipping your way into creating a ghost

Title of the article looks interesting? Wondering what it means? How can you clip and create a ghost? Well, read on and you will know in no time.


This article is about Photoshop clipping path and how it can be used to create a ghost or invisible manneqion.


invisible mannequinWhen clothing products are photographed for marketing and other publication purposes, they are usually pictured being placed on a mannequin. These mannequins have several different sizes and forms. Some are invisible mannequin dummy where neck area can be kept open for shooting the inner back of the item. Some with flexibility to add or detach various parts of the mannequin to bring out invisible mannequin images right out of the camera.

However, most often these invisible mannequin dummies don’t offer enough flexibility to create an invisible mannequin photography to eliminate the Photoshop need. At the end, Photoshop ghost mannequin editing is needed to create the perfect professional looking image.


invisible mannequin photographyClipping path is a photoshop process that is used to clip the clothing product out of the dress form mannequins. Multiple clipping might be needed based on the product requirement. There are specialized clipping path service providers who can be hired for this job. Same clipping path service providers can also do invisible mannequin editing or retouching for your product photo.


Some clothing companies are small and don't have the studio to shoot the product images. They hire photographers who take the photographs of the product. The business owner then hire another clipping path service provider to get the invisible mannequin photo editing job. Outsourcing can be a cost effective way of getting your invisible mannequin photography pictured and edited.

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Fashion model mannequin + Photoshop magic = Invisible mannequin photography

Even before models have been used for showcasing clothing wears, dress form mannequins have been used to display and showcase clothing products. If we see old west black and white movies, we see in the general stores, there are mannequins showcasing clothing wears, usually the best the shop has.


Use of mannequins has continued and as of today, we see it everywhere no less. Another form of showcasing clothing wear that quickly gained acceptance and popularity is the use of live models. An entire modeling industry grew up since the modeling started.


While use of models are still popular, more and more small to medium business finding out that invisible mannequin photography can save them a bundle yet display their product the way they want.


Apparel industry has several seasons in a year, usually four seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter are the  major seasons clothing companies target. Each season has its own amount of clothing wear needs. A small to medium clothing company can find the need of shooting hundreds to thousands of pictures of clothing products over the course of a year.  Having to hire dozens of models over the course of the year and having to run days to weeks long photo shoots is not a viable option for small to most medium size clothing companies.


The alternative is invisible mannequin photography. In this article, the product is displayed in such a way that a model is wearing the product but the model or mannequin is not visible. Using Photoshop manipulation after the photos are taken can achieve the result very easily and very efficiently.


If you outsource your photoshop image editing job to some offshore companies, you can get it done at a very low cost. A fraction of the cost that otherwise would incur if in North America or Europe.

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Say What? Ghosting a Mannequin?

If the title of this article made you raise your eye brows, then you have news coming. Read On!

invisible mannequin photographyGhost mannequin photography is a common type of photographic practice in the apparel industry. We all know what mannequins are. They are those life size dolls that clothing shops put on the display to exhibit their product line. Clothing business owners came up with this idea of removing the mannequin yet keeping the mannequin like display to make their clothing items look much more attractive to the potential buyers. Images used on this article are examples of ghost mannequin photogrpahy.

Now to the million dollar question! How to ghost the mannequin or make the mannequin look invisible?

Not a hard job actually. In fact, it is lot easier than one would imagine. Ever heard of photoshop? Yes, it is that photo editing siftware  which can transform day to night, makes an average looking next door girl look like a super model, and makes those food items on the restaurant menu look so attractive that makes your mouth watering.

To create a ghost mannequin photography AKA invisible mannequin photography, a photographer makes the mannequin wear the desired clothing item. Photographer then takes a picture of that mannequin with the dress. Another picture is shot by the photographer of the same clothing item, only this time without the mannequin. Clothing item on the second photo s taken is such a way so that the annoying tag on the neck that keeps poking you on the back can be made visible.

ghost manneqion photographyThese two images are then handed over to a photo editing expert who is skilled in doing photoshop works. A process called photoshop clipping mask is applied to clip out the clothing item from the first photo off the mannequin. Clipping path is also applied to clip the neck portion of the clothing item from the second photo making sure the tag is visible. These two images are them joined together using photoshop in a way that makes this ghost mannequin effect. Picture on the right here is a prime example off a ghost mannequin photography or invisible mannequin photography.

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Why Jewelry photography is so difficult?

jewelry photographerJewelry photography is unlike any other photography. When dealing with live models or landscape or other big objects, a photographer have option to shoot them from distance. Sometimes a photographer shots some pictures from very far away, even lime away.

Jewelry photography is not so. In order to take a jewelry photograph, a product photogrpaher needs to get up-close and personal. Since they are all small objects, in some cases really really tiny, a jewelry photographer needs to be very close to take those pictures. Even being close sometimes doesn’t work. Use of special camera and macro lens comes into play.

Cameras that are auto set or standard digital camera are no good in taking jewelry photography. A good SLR camera that has macro setting is a bare minimum. Use of macro lens is also a must in taking these photos. A jewelry photographer quickly realizes that adjusting the lens zoom to being up the jewelry item close doesn’t cut it. The object gets out of focus or doesn’t catch all the details.

 jewelry photography A good jewelry photographer must know how to use the macro lens and macro setting properly, how to adjust to lights, how to pay attention to specific stones and metals to bring out the true color and clarity.

Paying attention to all these details makes this so difficult.

And after taking those difficult shots, the job is not quite over. The images taken then need to be retouched to make the web friendly. is a good place where you can get your jewelry images retouched at competitive cost.

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