Fashion model mannequin + Photoshop magic = Invisible mannequin photography

23/05/2015 16:57

Even before models have been used for showcasing clothing wears, dress form mannequins have been used to display and showcase clothing products. If we see old west black and white movies, we see in the general stores, there are mannequins showcasing clothing wears, usually the best the shop has.


Use of mannequins has continued and as of today, we see it everywhere no less. Another form of showcasing clothing wear that quickly gained acceptance and popularity is the use of live models. An entire modeling industry grew up since the modeling started.


While use of models are still popular, more and more small to medium business finding out that invisible mannequin photography can save them a bundle yet display their product the way they want.


Apparel industry has several seasons in a year, usually four seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter are the  major seasons clothing companies target. Each season has its own amount of clothing wear needs. A small to medium clothing company can find the need of shooting hundreds to thousands of pictures of clothing products over the course of a year.  Having to hire dozens of models over the course of the year and having to run days to weeks long photo shoots is not a viable option for small to most medium size clothing companies.


The alternative is invisible mannequin photography. In this article, the product is displayed in such a way that a model is wearing the product but the model or mannequin is not visible. Using Photoshop manipulation after the photos are taken can achieve the result very easily and very efficiently.


If you outsource your photoshop image editing job to some offshore companies, you can get it done at a very low cost. A fraction of the cost that otherwise would incur if in North America or Europe.

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