How to do proper ghost mannequin in Photoshop

01/03/2015 11:41

Ghost Mannequin is a photoshop technique which is used to take the photo of apparel and showcase its all features properly without the actual mannequin being present in the image. The purpose of doing this is to show every aspect of a garment which can’t be done with a real model. Before applying the ghost mannequin effect, picture of apparel must be taken properly by a ghost mannequin photographer.

Proper way of doing ghost mannequin effect

First, put the garment on a mannequin or let it be worn by a human model. You have to photograph every angel of the garment. Keep your model in a straight position otherwise making the mannequin effect would be difficult. If you use a mannequin for the garment, it is better to use a mannequin without limbs. It will be easier to apply the ghost mannequin effect without the limbs. The garment should be worn by a perfectly fitted mannequin otherwise the effect won’t be good.

Use high resolution camera

It is very important to take photo with a high resolution camera. Without a high resolution image the ghost mannequin effect won’t be any good. It would be best if the image is taken by a pro ghost mannequin photographer. Then the quality of the image would very good to work with. A DSLR camera is the most appropriate camera for this job.

Processing the image after the photo is taken

The third step is to process the image taken by product photogrpahers that means readying the image for applying ghost mannequin effect. You can either do the editing yourself if you know Photoshop or hire a pro who can do that for you. The mannequin effect is actually done by using Photoshop tools such as pen tool, crop tool etc. If you are able to do the mannequin effect yourself then you do it because it will save you both time and money.


For apparel business, ghost mannequin is a very important aspect that can boost the performance of your business. You can convince your customer with the quality of the garment you are producing by showing them the images with mannequin effect. Ghost mannequin effect is one of the most unique features of Photoshop. Photoshop could be used for many other purposes. If you want to take your apparel business to another level, Photoshop is there to help you out.

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